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Apartment hunting up to now

Apartment hunting up to now Apartment hunting up to now

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Advantages of MOOOVIN

Credit card payment

From initial cost to monthly rent payment, credit card payment is available. With automatic monthly payments, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to pay the rent.

24-hour multilingual support

What if you don't speak Japanese? Our multilingual staff will support you through the entire procedure, from applying for a rental property to signing the rental agreement. We will surely solve any concerns you may have even after you move in.

No need to come to the store, complete online

Everything will be completed through online. Check property information anytime from anywhere. If you find a room, you can inquire directly.

No Guarantor Required

Mooovin offers the services of a foreign guarantor for all customers. If you pass the screening process, you don't need a guarantor to sign the contract.

Abundant number of properties listed

Many properties are available from management companies that understand how to accommodate non-Japanese residents. You can apply for any of our properties without anxiety.

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7 Steps to Use


Find a room

Find a room

Mooovin offers a wide variety of property information.
Search for your ideal room


Check fees and conditions

Check fees and conditions

Whether at home or in a café, you can quickly search and view the conditions and room layout of properties.




Once you find a room you are interested in, please send us the application form.


Screening by Guarantee Company

Screening by Guarantee Company

After completing the application, we will inform you of the result of the screening process by e-mail.
Once you pass the screening process, all that remains is to sign the contract and settle the payment.


Contract procedure

Contract procedure

All contract procedures are performed online.
You can check your status at any time on My Page.


Online payment

Online payment

Mooovin offers a wide variety of payment methods.
Credit card payment is of course accepted.


Receive key

Receive key

You can get the room key from the Property Management Company.
Depending on the option, the service of room key pickup at the airport may also be available.

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All necessary steps are completed through online.