Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

I can't speak Japanese, is that okay?

The Moovin site supports Japanese, English, and Chinese notation. In addition, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year multilingual life support is included. We can correspond in Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, Peruvian and Vietnamese, so please feel free to contact us. Please contact us if you would like to use other languages.

I don't have a guarantor, is that okay?

Mooovin Global Guarantee Service, a specialized guarantee for non-Japanese nationals, is available. Fees vary depending on the property. The total amount of the initial monthly rent, and other monthly guarantee fees are required.

Is it possible to find a room from overseas?

Mooovin can help you find a room and sign a contract from overseas. Please note that the timing of contracting depends on the visa status.

Can I rent an apartment on a student or working holiday visa?

Yes, student or working holiday visa holders are also allowed to apply for rental properties. However, you will need to provide information on your part-time jobs and your financial situation as the basis for rent payment.

I would like to live with a friend, is this possible?

We can also introduce rooms available for room sharing. You can find a property that meets your requirements on Mooovin.

How can I find a place without Secuity deposit and Key money?

We can also prepare properties without a security deposit or key money. You can search for rooms with detailed conditions from the Movin website.
Please note that we may not be able to show you any available properties depending on the area, your rent budget, or the time of year you are looking for a rental property.

I would like to find a pet-friendly property, is it possible?

We can also introduce pet-allowed properties. However, please note that the number of pet-allowed properties in Japan is very limited. In most cases, 1-2 months of the security deposit will be added for pet-allowed properties.

We are looking for a property where we can play musical instruments, is this possible?

We can also introduce properties where you can play musical instruments. However, the number of properties is very limited.

We would like to find a house early. How many months in advance can we look for a room?

Depending on the time of year, we recommend that you start searching for rental properties 2-3 months in advance during the months of February-April, which is the peak season for moving, and 1-2 months in advance during the other months of the year.

When shall I pay initinal fee?

Payment is due on the date of signing the rental agreement online. On that day, we will explain the terms of the rental agreement to you, and then the screen will move to the payment interface system, asking you to pay by credit card or other payment methods.

Can I pay the initial fee (contract fee) in installments or by credit card?

In most cases, Japanese property management companies do not accept installments or card payments. Mooovin accepts Visa and Mastercard payments, which have a high global market share, to support those who are having trouble paying initial costs in cash and those who want to sign the rental agreement online while abroad. Please confirm the number of installments or revolving payments with your credit card company.

Is it possible to keep my favorite room?

In principle, we will not reserve any apartments for you. By applying for a move-in premise, submit your identification and personal information and complete the rental agreement to secure an apartment.

How long does it take for the screening of application?

In general, the screening of applications takes about 3~5 days. After your rental application, we will start the screening process and contact you and your emergency contact person, so the sooner you apply, the sooner the screening is completed. The screening may take longer than usual, depending on the management companies and the property owner.

Can I preview the property while the tenant is still occupying there?

In Japan, as a principle, you can only preview the property after the tenant has moved out. During peak seasons for moving, such as April and September, applications for rental properties in your desired area with good conditions may be placed by other persons before you preview them. You may need to consider the pros and cons of applying for a rental property without previewing.

What kind of information do you need when I apply ?

Depending on your situation and property, a residence card (only for those already in Japan), passport, pay stubs (for working adults, the last 3 months) cell phone number, work or school information, family emergency contact information (overseas), and domestic emergency contact information (in Japan) are required.

Is it possible to cancel after applying? If so, will there be a cancellation fee?

In the case of cancellation after application or contract signing, all cancellations are subject to the terms and conditions of the property management company. Penalties and cancellation fees may apply. For more information, please refer to the 'Details' of your desired rental properties before application and the rental agreement you received after signing the online contract.

Can I move into an apartment available for immediate move-in, but my desired move-in date is a month from now?

Depending on the time of year and the property, you may be able to consult about extending the contract start date. However, in most cases, the average contract start date is around two weeks for properties available for immediate move-in.

How long is the contract period for rental housing in Japan?

In most cases, the contract periods for renting housing in Japan are two years. However, some properties allow you to move out without penalty if you observe the cancellation notice period specified in the rental contract, even if you cancel within two years. In many cases, campaign properties, such as those with zero key money and zero deposit, are offered with the expectation that the tenant will rent the property for a long time, but in some cases, there is a penalty charge for short-term cancellation. Since it depends on the terms and conditions of the rental contract, be sure to read through and confirm the information for the rental housing.

I am planning to create a personal seal for signing a contract, are there any precautions I should take?

Mooovin provides an online electronic contracting service whether you are abroad or in Japan. In addition, since Mooovin features an electronic signature system, you do not need to use your seal when signing a rental agreement you have applied for through Mooovin. Please note that in many cases, stamp-type Hanko is not allowed to use for official contracts in Japan. All letters of kanji, katakana, and romaji are acceptable as long as the contractor is identifiable.

I don't have a personal seal, but is it necessary in Japan?

Japan has known as a society of seals, and there are many occasions in daily life for people to stamp seals on documents. In recent years, however, due to the promotion of paperless and digitization systems, and law amendments, some cases allow signing contracts without a seal. In addition, many banks accept foreign nationals to sign instead of using seals, such as when opening an account at a Japanese bank. Some people make seals as a way to experience Japanese culture. It may be a good idea to have one made as a commemorative gift to enjoy Japan.

What do I need when signing the contract?

The documents and items needed for the rental agreement will vary, depending on the property management company, and basically, the following are necessary: foreigner residence card, passport, bank account (except for those who have just arrived in Japan), seal (both seals if different from the registered seal for bank transaction), student ID card (only for students), admission letter or acceptance letter (for pre-admission students), certification of employment (only for working adults) and others (residence card, certified photograph). Please ensure that you have all the documents ready to submit to the property management company after you arrive in Japan, including the documents necessary during the screening of the application. Sometimes it is in exchange for the documents when you receive the room keys, so please check with the property management company on the signing day to find out when you need to submit the documents.

When can I receive my room key? Also, is it okay if I bring my luggage the day before moving in?

In most cases, you can receive the room keys in the afternoon or evening of the day before moving in or in the morning of the move-in date, depending on the property management company. Please note that putting your belongings into the apartment the day before the move-in date is a contract violation. (Since you cannot enter the apartment before the move-in date, you must carry your belongings on or after the move-in date.) Besides, please confirm the details regarding key pickup, including time and location, during the online contracting.

I can barely speak Japanese, who should I contact if I have a problem with equipment in the room?

For those who have difficulty communicating in Japanese, a 24-hour multilingual support service is available if sign a contract for a rental property through Mooovin.

I would like to share a room with my friends. Is it possible to discuss this with the owner after moving in?

It is generally not possible for anyone other than the person specified in the rental agreement to move in. It may be negotiable in the case of family-type apartments with two or more rooms, however, you must obtain permission from the property management company or owner, so please be sure to inform them if you have a roommate when applying for a rental. Please note that living with a roommate without permission is a contract violation.